Budapest Market Hall

Palinka Museum Visit with Tasting

Hungarian Palinkas by Heather C

Visiting the Palinka Museum in the heart of Budapest and tasting the real Hungarian Spirit is a must to-do thing for everyone. Did you know that Palinka (or Pálinka in Hungarian) is made of fermented fruit resulting in a distilled spirit drink? Prices Price of museum entry ticket with a …

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Transylvanian Days in Budapest Great Market Hall

Transylvanian Cultural and Food Days in the Great Market Hall, Budapest, known as Vasarcsarnok in Hungarian. You can take a little trip to the Transylvanian traditions in Budapest, learn about Transylvanian Hungarian folk art, dances, foods and drinks, as Transylvanian towns and villages are home to many Hungarian families as well …

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Bulgarian Days in Great Market Hall Budapest

Bulgaria and her Bulgarian fare are featured in the Great Market Hall (aka Central Market Hall) in Budapest Hungary. Bulgaria used to be one of the countries behind the iron curtain, like Hungary. It has fantastic architectural details, but everyday life is still a struggle for people to find their ways …

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