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Hungarian Specialties

Hungarian Cheeses

Cheeses are important in Hungarian Cuisine and we can find a wide range of cheese specialities for example in the market halls of Budapest. It is highly recommended to try the best and most Hungarian cheese products, so you can get closer to the Hungarian tastes. The best way to …

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Hungarian Goulash (Gulyas)

Goulash is one of the most well-known Hungarian food in the world, and not surprisingly it can be tasted in most of the market halls in Budapest. Trying a tasty goulash soup is an absolute must while you visit Hungary. Goulash Soup tasting is included in the Downtown Market Hall …

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Hungarian Sausages and Salamis

Hungarian Paprika Salami photo by Torben Heidenreich

Sausages and salamis and the most popular meat products in Hungary, and no real market place in Budapest lacks a whole range of varieties and types of these delicacies. If you fancy tasting the best sausages and salamis, book a guided Budapest Market Hall Tour and enjoy the favourites of …

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Hungarian Paprika

Paprika is considered as the national spice of Hungary, and therefore it’s one of the most common items for sale in the Budapest Market Halls. It is a powder made from dried, deep red paprika pods of various kinds of Capsicum annuum peppers. Since the plant arrived in Hungary in …

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