Hungarian Pickles

Pickles are important in the Hungarian Cuisine, it is a second side dish (or replacement for salad). The sour taste makes it the perfect side for Porkolt and Nokedli. It is also consumed with fried or baked sausages, savory noodles and spicy meals.

Hungarian Pickles Header photo by Mike Gabelmann

Hungarian Pickles Header photo by Mike Gabelmann

Housewives are making pickles in the summer around the whole country.

The shelf life of the pickles are long, so the family can have some gherkins or other vegetables through the winter months. In the old times, when there was no freezer, it was the only way to preserve some of the summer growth for the colder times.

You can find picked Wax Peppers, Gherkins, Beetroot, Cabbage- stuffed Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, Green Walnuts or even Watermelons. A jar of pickles from Hungary can be a good present for anyone who likes it.

One of the most known pickles-producing town is Vecses. You can find Vecsesi pickles all around the country.

Hungarian Sweet, Salty and Sour Summer Pickles

Csalamádé – Mixed Pickles

Csalamade photo by silangel

Csalamade photo by silangel

Csalamade is a tasty mixture of pickled cabbage, carrot, onion and peppers and they’re all shredded as thinly as possible.
It can be found in almost every market and it is loved by kids too.

It goes well with stew style meals or with Schnitzel, basically it replaces the fresh salad.


Kovászos Uborka – Pickled Gherkins

Leavened Gherkins photo by DurhamDundee

Leavened Gherkins photo by DurhamDundee

Hungarian people love pickled gherkins (Hungarian: savanyú uborka) and in the warm months they make  kovászos uborka (“leavened pickles”) without vinegar.

Cucumbers are placed in a glass vessel along with dill, garlic and spices (whole black pepper, mustard seed) covered with sourdough bread and soaked with a warm and salty water solution. The container is left to sit in the sun for a few days so the yeast in the bread can help cause a fermentation process.


Pickled Cauliflowers photo by vigilant20

Pickled Cauliflowers photo by vigilant20

Pickled Cauliflower is made with vinegar and spices, it is crispy, sweet and sour, and often hot.


Pickled Cabbage is also made with vinegar and spices.


Sauerkraut is essential in the Hungarian Cuisine. It can be a side dish, but it is also used for the famous dish Cabbage Roll (Töltött Káposzta) or Cabbage Casserole (Rakott Káposzta). The sourish taste goes well with meat and smoked meat and sour cream. Sauerkraut is a traditional meal, made by lactic fermentation and it helps increase the gut bacterias, so it is super healthy.

Pickled Pearl Onion

The tiny onion pickle is made with vinegar, the onions are 20-30mm big.

Pickled Cherry Peppers

This hot pickle is beloved by the fans of spicy food. The peppers can be green or red and they are pickled in whole, so all the seeds can remain inside to create the unique taste.

Pickled Green Tomatoes

This pickles are also made with vinegar and spices (onion and dill). The tomatoes are picked before they are ripened, so it is not recommended to consume too much for once.


Pickled watermelon or watermelon rind can be made with vinegar or with fermentation.

It is a real treat with summer meals, so if you like the sweet and sour taste this pickle is for you!

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