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Moroccan Days in Great Market Hall Budapest

Morocco and Moroccan fare are featured in the Great Market Hall (aka Central Market Hall) of Budapest Hungary. Did you know that the film Casablanca has its location in Morocco, and the Oscar winner director Michael Curtiz was of Hungarian origin (born Mano Kertesz Kaminer), who graduated in Budapest School of Dramatic Arts and then lived in Pecs, Szeged too before making his career in Hollywood? But back to the market events!

Market Square Marrakech Morocco Martin Fisch
Market Square Marrakech Morocco Martin Fisch

Have a look in the program: Moroccan Cultural Event, Moroccan Foods and Drinks Days in the Great Market Hall, Budapest, aka Nagycsarnok. Try some traditional Moroccan foods, taste Moroccan drinks, take home some Moroccan gifts with you from Budapest, Hungary.

Moroccan fare may include some leather bags from Marrakesh, Tourag tea glasses and tealights, jewelry, perfume bottles, incense sticks, embroidered cushions, collectable postcards, cookware, aromatic Thuya wood items and other small wooden and ethnic gifts from Morocco.

You can also learn about life in Morocco, lifestyle, geography, places of interests for tourists, etc. See what you could visit in Rabat, Marrakesh, Casablanca, etc. Visit the Market in the Market in Nagycsarnok on the Moroccan National Day.

Venue of the Market Event

Street Market Marrakesh Morocco
Street Market Marrakesh Morocco

Great Market Hall (aka Central Market Hall or Nagycsarnok)

Address: 1-3 Vamhaz korut Street, Budapest, District IX.

Dates of the Market Event

Dates of the Moroccan Days in Budapest:

  • Not scheduled for 2018

This weekend in Budapest the Market Hall will feature the Moroccan culture, the Moroccan foods (the famous hams, salamis, etc.) and typical Moroccan drinks, and you can surely buy some little souvenirs or artisan crafts from Morocco too.

Make good use of the Moroccan Tourist Days that are also held in Budapest Great Market Hall simultaneously, providing info and travel tips for those who are considering to visit Morocco, the country of colors and spices.  Taste a bit of Morocco in the beautiful Great Market Hall of Budapest, Hungary.


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