Central Market Hall Budapest - Alex photos
Central Market Hall Budapest

Cultural Events in Budapest Great Market Hall

There are many events taking place in the biggest and most beautiful market hall of Budapest, in the Great Market Hall (in Hungarian: Nagycsarnok or Vasarcsarnok).

Vasarcsarnok Budapest
Great Market Hall (Vasarcsarnok) Budapest – Dennis Jarvis Photography

Most importantly, there are some nice cultural weekends when you can get to learn about another country for one-two days (Friday and Saturday) in addition to the Hungarian gastronomy and market customs. Typically, every month showcases the products (foods, drinks, crafts, tours) of a guest country from various continents all over the world (from Cambodia through Germany to Brazil).

Besides the events there are regular Budapest Market Hall tours at an affordable price where you can learn about the history of the building and get an opportunity to taste local foods at some of the best vendors. There are also more complex food tours with more Food Tastings (plus Lunch & Wines), and further visits to other market halls.

Cultural Events – Great Market Hall

The upcoming events are subject to change. Every year there are different monthly programs.

Spring Events in Budapest Market Hall

Budapest Great Market Hall Rooftop
Budapest Great Market Hall

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Summer Events in Budapest Market Hall

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Autumn Events in Budapest Market Hall

Great Market Hall
Great Market Hall

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Winter Events in Budapest Market Hall

Winter, especially December is a very popular holiday month in Budapest, and as the weather gets cold the indoor market offers a great haven for sampling foods and enjoying some nice warm street foods on the go inside the Market Hall

Great Market Hall Tours Budapest
Great Market Hall Tours Budapest

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