Rigo Jancsi
Rigo Jancsi

Hungarian Sweets Rigó Jancsi

Rigo Jancsi cannot be missed when you visit the Budapest Market Halls. The cake is a two-layer chocolate sponge cake filled with thick chocolate and cream filling and a thin apricot jam layer. The cake is covered with a dark chocolate glaze.

Rigo Jancsi is named after the famous Gypsy violinist Rigo Jancsi (1858-1927) who seduced and married Clara Ward, the daughter of the American millionaire E.B. Ward. Jancsi was playing his violin in a restaurant in Paris where the Prince and Princess Chimay was dining. It was love at first sight and after a series of secret meetings, Ward and Rigo eloped in December 1896.

The cake is a celebration cake wearing Rigo Jancsi’s name and in honour of the romantic love story. Some sources are claiming that Rigo Jancsi has created the cake with a pastry chef to surprise Clara, others claim that he bought this cake to Clara and the confectioner named it after him.

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