Hungarian Foods Hungarian Liver Sausage and Blood Pudding (Hurka)

If you are visiting Budapest, we recommend you try some traditional Hungarian Meals and street foods at the Market Halls. These meals are not or rarely available anywhere else. They are the local’s favourites too and they are also available at the Market Hall & Tasting tours.

Popular street food in Hungary is Hurka, it has endless variations, the most beloved are “véres” (with blood) or májas (with liver). The main ingredients are liver and rice, or blood and rice with spices like majoram and pepper.  In some part of the country the rice can be replaced with corn flour or seasoned with dill or other spices).

The paste is usually stuffed in natural casings and roasted. They have a softish texture so we recommend you eat it with a fork.

Hungarian Hurka
Hungarian Hurka

Pig killing has an old tradition in the country, where families in the winter month come together to fill their meat stocks and load smoking rooms and larders. They make hams, sausages, cracklings, bacon variations etc, and of course, Liver Sausage and Blood Pudding which is desired to consume within a few days, as it is not smoked.

Hurka and other freshly baked pork goods are beloved meals for every generation, and there are so many recipes as many butchers and hobby butchers. We can find these meals in street buffets, some traditional restaurants or at the Market Halls.  We recommend trying Hurka as lunch, as it is a hearty meal.

They are usually consumed with pickles (gherkins, cabbage stuffed peppers, pickled cauliflowers, pepperonis) and with mustard and warm, crispy bread. 

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