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Cheeses are important in Hungarian Cuisine and we can find a wide range of cheese specialities for example in the market halls of Budapest. It is highly recommended to try the best and most Hungarian cheese products, so you can get closer to the Hungarian tastes. The best way to do this is on a Guided Market Hall Tour.

The Best Hungarian Cheeses

Vasarcsarnok Budapest
Great Market Hall (Vasarcsarnok) Budapest – Dennis Jarvis Photography

The most characteristic Hungarian Cheese is probably Pálpusztai cheese which is a strong, pungent smelling, soft cheese made from cow milk. It was created in 1890 by Pál Heller, who named his recipe after himself. Palpusztai cheese contains Brevibacterium linens which can be found on the human body as well and it is unique in Hungary.

The most popular cheese is a mild semi-hard cheese called Trappista, which was named after the Trappist monks from southern France. This cheese has a long history since the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy when Trappist monks brought the secret recipe to Banja Luka (today Bosnia and Herzegovina). This mild flavoured cheese melts easily and it is the most common ingredient for a Hungarian hot sandwich.

Hungarian Cheeses
Hungarian Cheeses

Pannonia cheese is a semi-hard cheese, this Hungarian Cheese brand has a walnutty flavour like emmental. This Swiss-Type cheese is made since 1908 and it is a beloved cheese which goes well with wine and nuts.

Medve is a strange cheese. It is often called cube cheese, however, they are small soft cheese triangles in a round shaped box. Well, the cheese was sold in cube form a few decades ago, hence the name. It can be spread on buns or bread, eaten as it is or melt into sauces. The tasty cheese is available in more delicious versions like hot paprika ones or winter salami flavoured etc.

Gomolya cheese is a traditional roundish cheese from the Great Hungarian Plain where it was made by from sheep’s milk. The fresh version is usually eaten with salads, it is softer and whiter than the cured gomolya which has a stronger taste.

Karavan Cheese
Karavan Cheese

Karaván is a semi-hard smoked cheese with a long-standing tradition, made from cow’s milk. Karavan is made in a traditional way and is smoked without the use of artificial ingredients. As it is not melting easily, it is eaten usually raw. There are more flavours and even spreadable versions of Karavan.

Parenyica cheese is a rolled semi-soft cheese which has a mild smoky taste. It is perfect for sandwiches, wines or for snacking. It is available in small packages around the country.


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