Gerbeaud slice photo by Mérida Hideaway
Gerbeaud slice photo by Mérida Hideaway

Hungarian Sweets Gerbeaud Slice (Hungarian Zserbó)

Zserbo is a very popular dessert at the confectionery stalls of the Budapest Market Halls. The slice originated from the legendary Gerbeaud Cafe in the heart of Budapest, Hungary, one of the most traditional and famous cafe-confectioners in Europe. Emile Gerbeaud Swiss confectioner arrived in Budapest and took over the Kugler Confectionary in the middle of 1880’s.

Gerbeaud expanded his staff and employed the very latest in machinery to create and maintain the quality of his confections. Even the boxes they were wrapped in were considered works of art. The cake is made up of thin, tender layers of sweet yeast dough alternating with ground walnuts and rich apricot jam, covered with dark chocolate.
It is a common Christmas and celebration sweet in Hungary.

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