Hungarian Sweets – Beigli – Poppy Seed or Walnut Roll

Beigli (or sometimes spelled bejgli) is a real Hungarian Christmas treat, you can find it in almost every supermarket, bakery and Market Hall in Budapest around Christmas.

Traditionally, it is filled with Poppy seeds (Makos Beigli) and with grounded Walnuts (Dios Beigli), but you can find recipes with Chestnut puree and Sour Cherries, Apple and Butternut Squash etc).

Several legends circulate about the beigli’s origin, but it’s sure that it appeared in Hungary in the second half of the 19th century and since then there is no Christmas without this pastry. Pastry rolls are popular in Central and Eastern Europe; they probably originated as a means of transforming some extra bread dough into a special treat for the family.

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