Budapest Central Market Hall Things to do
Budapest Central Market Hall

October Events in Budapest Great Market Hall

Visiting the Market Halls of Budapest in October? Enjoy the traditional Hungarian tastes in one of the famous Market Halls of the city. We have also gathered some other tips for your Budapest visit in October below.

Budapest Market Hall Opening Hours on Holidays Heather Cowper
Budapest Market Hall – photo Heather Cowper

Cultural Days in October

Check out the special days in October in the biggest Market Hall of Budapest city centre, where you can discover different countries’ culture and culinary arts: Cultural Days in October in Great Market Hall

Please note that October 23rd is a national historical holiday (commemorating the 1956 lost revolution) in Budapest and most markets halls, including the Great Market Hall on Vamhaz Street, are normally closed, along with other shops in the city. Please try to reschedule your visit to the market halls in Hungary if you should be visiting on Oct 23.

Market Tours in October

Market Tours are with a professional guide, some of the tours offer a complex programme that will include other culinary destinations in Budapest, while the cheapest budget tour will only concentrate on the Great Market Hall, its history and the tastings of several typical and traditional Hungarian foods, which you can only get in Hungary (or Hungarian speciality shops). Learn about the history and architecture of the Budapest Market Halls and enjoy tasting different traditional Hungarian foods & drinks. Langos is a must-try street snack, and if you have a sweet tooth a freshly baked Chimney Cake is lovely any day.

Essential Market Hall Tour with Tastings
Great Market Hall Tour with Lunch
Foods Tour in Downtown Market Hall & Artisan Shops
Budget Market Hall Tour with Optional Tastings

October Things To Do in Budapest

Looking for tips of what to do in Budapest? Check this Budapest travel guide on the following page: October Things to do in Budapest

October Concerts in Budapest

You can find some of the best Budapest Concerts in October.

October Festivals in Budapest

Do you wish to go to a nice festival in Budapest in October? See some of the greatest autumn festivals here: October Festivals in Budapest

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