Great Market Hall Budapest

The Great Market Hall in Budapest (in Hungarian Nagycsarnok or Vasarcsarnok) was built in 1897, and is the most beautiful and largest of all Budapest market halls (yes, there are more historical market halls in Budapest, like the one in Hold Street called the Downtown Budapest Market Hall).

Vasarcsarnok Budapest
Great Market Hall (Vasarcsarnok) Budapest – Dennis Jarvis Photography

The market hall is not only ‘Great’ in its size, but is also great in other aspects. Most importantly the market is also central, no wonder it is also called the Central Market Hall, for both of its location (5 min walk from the city centre), and the volume of trade taking place here on a daily basis. See the Opening Hours of the Great Market Hall here.

If you love fresh goods, people watching, shopping, photo opportunities, guided tours with tastings, or just sightseeing in amazing places, we trust you will enjoy visiting our beloved Great Market Hall. No matter if it rains or shines, the Great Market Hall is a great option, and definitely one of the top Budapest attractions according to many Budapest guides.

You can get all sorts of goods on the 3 floors of the Great Market Hall of Budapest: fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fantastic salamis, pickles, fresh fish, Hungarian paprika, Tokaj wines, various souvenirs, bags, clothes, pans and pots, and even home style meals, or Hungarian snacks like Langos at the upper floor food stands and eateries.

Here is a short Budapest Market Hall video made by Rick Steves, the American travel guide writer for his Budapest travel guide book:

Best Days to Visit the Great Market Hall in Budapest

You may wonder when it is the best time to visit the Budapest Great Market Hall. We often get this question, and the answer is, it depends.

Great Market Hall Budapest Hungarian Paprika Vendor dpotera
Market Hall Budapest: Paprika / Dpotera Photography

Definitely on a Saturday or not on a Sunday, depending on what you like.

Buzz, lively programmes and/or guided tours? Saturday!
Quiet, peaceful browsing and architectural photo shoots? Not on a Saturday.

In contrast to shopping malls in Budapest, the modern markets of consumerism, Budapest market halls are not open on Sundays. The market is open from Monday to Saturday, so schedule your market tour by taking into consideration the current opening hours.

If you want to avoid the crowds, do not get up early to get to the market. Housewives, and market goer locals in general do the early morning shopping until about 8-9am from Monday to Friday. It is especially true of Saturday mornings when many buyers have a bit more time to browse the markets on their free days. Moreover, Budapest weekend getaways are quite popular among tourists (local and foreign tourists alike), so Saturdays in general are busier.

Best Hours to Visit the Market Hall

Unless you want to take photos of a busy market scene, you had better come late morning or early afternoon during the weekdays when most locals are at work and only some pensioners, tourists and stay at home parents run errands. Lunch time, however, is the midday peak hours as many locals and tourists pop in for a quick snack, or cheap lunch between 12 pm and 2 pm.

We advise tourists to visit the Budapest Market Hall between 10 am and 12 pm or 2 pm and 4 pm as the best time to get the most out of your visit if you are taking a self guided tour.

Saturdays are special as many Saturdays, throughout the year, offer a special Cultural Day when one of the countries in the world (from Indonesia to Sweden) showcase their products, travel destinations, offer some live music / show and some food tastings. Saturdays are also the days for the regular budget guided tour.

Budapest Great Market Hall with Kids

Those who are visiting the Budapest Great Market Hall with children will find our tips useful: Budapest Market Hall with a Child


  1. Hi, I bought an embroidered table runner in the market last year – is there any chance to buy another directly from a seller? Warm wishes from Scotland

  2. Is it open today?

  3. can I find wild mushrooms in this market tomorrow november 11?

  4. Does anyone know how to contact the people that organise the Pálinka making in the Grand Hall ?
    I’d like some details. Thanks

  5. Hello, is the market hall open during Easter? Thanks for answer.

  6. What kind of fish do they sell in the lower level?

  7. Is it open tomorrow or this Tuesday? Thx

  8. Does the Great Market Hall have a Lost & Found Department? My wife lost her scarf on Saturday, 07 December 2019 – it was a red scarf with the Swiss National Flag emblem and the words Switzerland and Suisse on it. Any information would be helpful.

    Thank you,

    Thomas Flynn

  9. What days will the MArket be open over Christmas 2019 please? And what times will it open and close on each day? Thanks

    • Budapest Market Hall

      Hello Sue,
      please see the opening hours below:
      Dec 24: 6 am – 1pm
      Dec 25-26: Closed

      • I think I lost my key chain with keys on september 1st at the markt hall, where can I contact you to clarify this?
        Thanks in advance!

    • Budapest Market Hall

      Hello Sue,
      the Great Market Hall will be closed during Christmas days.
      Please see the opening hours below:

      Dec 22: 6 am – 3pm
      Dec 24: 6 am – 1pm
      Dec 25-26: Closed

  10. Hello
    Will you open on 27th December?If yes when?

  11. Budapest Market Hall

    Hello Mohammed, yes the Market Hall is open from 6 am from Monday to Saturday. Please see the opening hours on the link below:

    • Hello are you open tomorrow on public holiday?

      • Budapest Market Hall

        Hello Iman, the Great Market Hall, and the small market halls alike, are closed on national holidays, including October 23.
        That said, there are many other attractions in the city of Budapest which welcome visitors.

  12. Are all of the shops in the market open? (like not closed down because of covid but open) Sorry. I mean to say Are all the shops in the market open as the market is open and are the shops not closed down due to covid? This place lools so COOL!!!!

    • Budapest Market Hall

      Hello Meg, Thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, most of the shops are up and running since Covid 19 vaccination has become successfully implemented. The shops are open during the normal opening hours of the Great Market Hall – the market is open from Monday to Saturday (closing earlier over the weekend at 3 pm).

      Many people wear masks inside the hall so it is different from pre-pandemic times (masks will no longer be required though later on – depending on vaccination rates, the government has a milestone for no longer making masks mandatory).

      Have a great time in the city of Budapest!

  13. Are all the shops in the market open like the market is open and not closed down due to covid?

  14. Is there anyway to purchase from the marker hall online? I was just there and I wish I had picked up a few more things

    • Budapest Market Hall

      Hello Leslie,

      Thank you for your question about the online orders from Budapest market halls.
      We are specialising in market and food tours rather than online sales of produce. Each stall holder is a self-employed individual with their own physical / virtual presence, some may have a web store, others will only sell on the spot at the market.
      We suggest checking the specific brand and product you favour and try to find them via online search in the country you reside in.
      Hope this is of some help.

  15. What days will the MArket be open over Christmas 2019 please? And what times will it open and close on each day? Thanks

  16. Absolutely love this market as two foodies who love to travel. We bought some traditional Hungarian spices to cook goulash at home.

  17. Is there a place in the market to buy Here’s china?

  18. Michelle Atherton

    What is the nearest Tram Stop to the centre as I read that the Number 2 tram had been discontinued
    Could you advise best way to get there on public transport

    • Budapest Market Hall

      Hello Michele,
      you can choose to go by tram or by subway, bus. Please look for Fovam square (close to Liberty Bridge).

  19. Do I need cash for all vendors
    Or do some take credit

    • Budapest Market Hall

      Hello Kim,
      we recommend you take cash in Hungarian Forints as some of the small vendors do not accept credit cards.
      Have a lovely time at the Market Hall!

  20. During a recent visit on the ground floor, I spotted a statue of a man holding a chicken (?) and a golden egg. Appeared the statue was bronze, and the egg was gold (from people touching)? None of our Tour Directors could tell me the story. Is there a special significance to this status? Thank you!

    • Budapest Market Hall

      Hello Bonnie,
      we have sent you an email.
      Basically, the statue was made by the University of Fine arts to honor the producers, vendors, and workers of the Market Hall for their work.
      Unfortunately, there is no legend or fairytale about the golden egg.

  21. hello, are there any vendors who sell rosary?

  22. Dear all,
    Does the market have special opening hours tomorrow or it is closing at 3, like any Saturday?
    All my best (and Merry Christmas, -)

  23. The Great Market Hall will be open for tourist/visitors on 10/4/2023 (easter monday) ?

  24. We have been to the Marketplace a couple of times pre-covid and we again have the opportunity to visit once again. In the past, we have purchase crystal (colored and/or clear), is crystal still avail for purchase on the upper levels? Any help would be appreciated. And we wouldn’t leave without the best paprika (smoked) in the world….

    • Budapest Market Hall

      Dear Melissa,
      Thank you for getting in touch with us.
      We have sent you an email with more details!
      Have a nice time in Budapest!

  25. Hi,

    Is it allowe to come visit with a small breed trained dog (7kg), under leash?
    At least on first floor?


    • Budapest Market Hall

      Hello Gia,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Only service dogs are allowed such as guide dogs.
      Thank you for your understanding.
      Have a nice time in Budapest!

    • Does anyone know if the Hop on Hop coach service goes close to market?

      • Budapest Market Hall

        Hello Jamie,
        the Hop on Hop off bus is not stopping nearby.
        You can visit the Market hall if you are stopping nearby Liberty Bridge Pest side.
        Have a nice time in Budapest!

  26. Is the market open on 23 October as I see it is national day.

  27. Hello, I recently went to Budapest and bought some spice mixes that could be bought by bulk on a small shop on the ground level. Do you have a shop list? I was wondering if I could get in touch with the seller because the spices were amazing, but I don’t even have the shop’s name.

  28. Hi, may I ask what is the opening hours of the market from 23Dec to 26Dec 2023?
    I am visiting Budapest during this Christmas but I found the Christmas opening hours webpage is not the latest, so just want to make sure so that I can visit the market.
    Thank you!

  29. Good afternoon, I saw in the comments above a question about Lost&Found, but, unfortunately, there is no shared answer. I was last Thursday (16.11) at the market and lost there one glove (it is black, right hand, brand Roeckl). I still have the other one. I would be super thankful, if you can let me know, if anyone found such. It was a present and would have a great meaning for me to get it back.

    Many thanks in advance.
    Kind regards,

    • Budapest Market Hall

      Dear Maryna,
      Thank you for your email.
      We are sorry to hear about the lost pair of glove.
      We have sent you an email.

  30. What is the markets schedule for December 20 – December 28?

  31. Good afternoon,
    May I ask your a question? Will the market Hall be open on Saturday 24 of December 2023??

  32. Hi,

    Is the Great Market Hall open on 14 Mar please, and if so, are the opening hours the same as Saturday’s due to it being the day before the Revolution holiday?

    • Budapest Market Hall

      Dear Naomi,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      The Market hall will open as usual, but we recommend you arrive before in the morning or early afternoon as some vendors tend to leave earlier.
      Enjoy your stay in Budapest!

  33. Hi, do any of the vendors sell traditional Palinka glassware? The tulip shaped glasses? Thank you!

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