Hungarian Tomatoes
Hungarian Tomatoes

Hungarian Vegetables- Hungarian Ripe Tomatoes

In the hot summers of Hungary, the vegetables are growing tasty therefore we can taste juicy and sweet Tomatoes in the Market Halls of Budapest. Do not miss to try some Hungarian goods while you are exploring Budapest. We recommend you buy the best goods at the market halls or markets, as supermarkets might sell imported veggies.

Tomatoes are yummy to snack and they make tasty salads, side dishes.

At the end of the summer, housewives are preserving tomatoes for the winter months. The jars are usually filled with juicy tomato pasta and it can be used for soups etc. Tomatoes are tasty ingredients for a lot of traditional dishes and they are often added to Goulash and Pörkölt too.

We can find meals such as Lecso, Tomato Soup, Carp on Tomato and Onion Bed, Paradicsomos Káposzta/ Tomato Cabbage, Töltött Paprika/ Stuffed Peppers in Tomato Sauce.

Taste the inimitable Hungarian Tomatoes and other vegetables such as Wax Peppers and Kohlrabi while you are in Budapest!




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