Hungarian Kohlrabi
Hungarian Kohlrabi

Hungarian Vegetables- Kohlrabi

If you are walking around the Market Halls of Budapest you can find various vegetables and fruits and some of them are not so well known in the UK or overseas.

One of them is Kohlrabi is often called German Turnip, or Wild Cabbage,  it is rich in vitamin E and is a beloved veggie in Hungary too. It tastes similar to broccoli stems or cabbage heart, but sweeter.  The smaller the kohlrabi is the sweeter it tastes.

Kohlrabi can be eaten raw, it makes lovely salads, it can be cooked and it is a great base for sandwich creams etc.

The most popular foods with Kohlrabi are Kohlrabi vegetable soup, Kohlrabi bake, cooked Kohlrabi salad.

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