There are many events taking place in the biggest and most beautiful market hall of Budapest, in the Great Market Hall (in Hungarian: Nagycsarnok).

Vasarcsarnok Budapest

Great Market Hall (Vasarcsarnok) Budapest – Dennis Jarvis Photography

Most importantly, there are very nice cultural weekends when you can get to learn about another country for two days in addition to the Hungarian gastronomy and market customs.

2018 Days in Budapest Great Market Hall

2018 June National Days

2018 July National Days

2018 August National Days

2018 September National Days

2018 October National Days


  1. Fernando Silva says:

    Hello! I really love tour market, beautiful, good Food and drinks!
    Also nice people and friendly.I watt to visit again!
    The only bad thing is that on May 28th I was stolen my Nike black handbag with my wallet, money, all documents, panasonic fs35 câmera and NEW Samsung galáxy s3 cellphone,blue.
    The tourism help are very nice and try help, the security nice but did….nothing!
    Then come 2 police Who did nothing and went away!!!
    I would love to gente my Sd Card with all my photos. I will give reward if somobody finds it.
    Thank you

    Fernando silva

    • Budapest Market Hall says:

      Dear Fernando, we are terribly sorry to hear about your misfortune.
      The Market Hall is a very busy place often full of people. Just like in any big city, including Budapest, London, Lisbon, Paris or Tokyo, bustling with hundreds of thousands of people, leaving your bag unattended is a major risk of getting it stolen.
      We hope that your card full of photos will be recovered.

      • Hi – will you be open on Easter Monday (March 28)? We are visiting from London and would love to stop by. If so, what are your hours?

        Thank you,

  2. Hola! I would like to know when is the next event of Mexican Food in the Market Hall? I recently moved to Hungary from Acapulco and i would like to purchase some ingredients from my Country. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

  3. Bill Cressman says:

    Is the Great Market Hall (Central Market Hall) open on October 6, 2015? A Budapest tour guide told me that it would be closed that day due to a National Holiday. However, I have been unable to determine what holiday is on October 6, 2015. This is the only day I have available to visit the market. Can you clarify?

  4. Wendy Smits says:

    Dear, is the Central market place in Bydapest Open on Friday 21 August 2015?
    Kind regards

  5. We purchased some embroidered linens from the market when we were there and would like to purchase more to be shipped to us. Is there a directory of vendors available for us to shop online or wholesalers?

  6. Any days coming up for 2015? It is almost over…

  7. In Berlin gab es mal viele Markthallen, die meisten sind mittlerweile weg oder charmebefreit.

  8. John McGrath says:


    I have about 50 tons of wild blue fin tuna that we can deliver from Croatia until the New Years. Daily we can deliver between 1000 to 2000kg. Each Tuna is between 40 and 60 kilograms; sometimes it can be between 100 and 150 kilograms. The price is very competitive and GUG ( not guts or gills)
    How would it be possible to see this Tuna at the Market in Budapest ?

    Warm Regards

    John McGrath

  9. Thanks for finally talking about >Budapest Market Eventss <Liked it!

  10. When is the Polish festival days in summer 2017?
    We would like to visit again as I really enjoyed last summer.

  11. Hello, I would Know if the Central Market Hall will be open on first of may!

  12. Patryk Sielecki says:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I am an executive producer of a television programme ‘David in Europe’, which focuses on the topics both cooking and travelling. The programme is produced by TV WORKING studio and aired on Polish channel Kitchen+, which belongs to the Canal+ group.
    During each series, our host David Gaboriaud, a Poland-based French chef and traveler explores the most beautiful regions of Europe and reveals their characteristic cuisine and culture. Additionally, in each episode David cooks two dishes, which refer to the regional cuisine. To provide the audience with the best representation of the local culinary traditions, David focuses on using local products and visiting domestic markets. So far, he has visited Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Scandinavia and the Baltic States.
    The Episodes aim to explore the culture and cuisine of Hungary, along with promoting the top outdoor activities of the country. By showing the most stunning culinary attractions alongside with the natural beauty of the three following cities – Kesztheley, Budapest and Szeged, we hope to encourage the viewers of Canal+ to visit Hungary.
    One part of our program is cooking the courses. We are doing it from local products. So another important part is buying ingredients. We always visit local markets. In following episode We would like to visit your place. In this episode it would be grate to show the oldest and biggest market in Budapest. So I would like to invite you to our program. We will be in Budapest at the 12th of June and the morning hours would be the most convenient.

    To conclude, It would be grateful if you will be interested in collaboration. Please let me know and i will send you the details.

    Below I would like to present you key benefits of cooperation with TV WORKING studio:

    1. Three magnificent episodes of ‘David in Europe’ dedicated exclusively to the cultural promotion of Hungary in one of the most often watched thematic channels in Poland.
    2. Promotion of Hungary in Poland by presenting its attractions: culinary, history, cultural, as well as active recreation.
    3. Uploading pictures of Hungary on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.
    4. Placing the logo and acknowledgments for Hungary and your company in the closing credits.

    I would really appreciate if you could help us.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours sincerly,
    Patryk sielecki

    Patryk Sielecki
    executive producer
    tel. +48 798 317 999

  13. Sandra Rowntree says:

    Please can you tell me if the Market is open on Saturday 21st October 2017. I know that 23rd is a National holiday and that the Market is usually closed on Sundays so Saturday would be the only day to buy food before everything closes for the Monday Festival for 60th anniversary.

  14. Dear Sir/Madame
    I was wondering if the Market will be open on Easter Monday, April 2nd.

    Thanks for answering

  15. Hello,
    I would like to know how much costs the market tour, we are a group of 80 students. Are there any discounts for students?

  16. Ladányi István says:

    Hi from Új-zéland!

    My father had a stall at the central market during World War 2 and earlier. Does the market retain any historical records about stall holders from 1920s and 1930s please?

    Köszönöm szépen!

  17. I bought the worst and the most expensive food today during my entire stay in Hungary. For 2 rolls with sausage, I paid over 8,000, despite the price on the menu. I was so shocked that I paid and left. What’s worse, the food was nasty. Never again

  18. Hello,
    We would like to visit The Market Hall on Sunday, December 16th. Does the market have modified hours on Sundays due to the Christmas shopping?

    Thank you…

  19. Sylvia Jong says:

    Hi, is there an entrance fee we need to pay before going in?

  20. O que se passa , depois de ler isto incrível n sou também alegre
    para compartilhar meu familiaridade aqui com companheiros


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