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Retes and Kremes- Strudel and Custard Slice photo by meaduva
Retes and Kremes- Strudel and Custard Slice photo by meaduva

Hungarian Sweets Hungarian Kremes

The world famous Hungarian Kremes can be found in most of the Market Halls of Budapest. This delicious dessert is made up of two thin layers of puff pastry and one generous layer of vanilla pastry cream. The cream is made of eggs, milk, flour and vanilla. The base and top layers are crispy and the top is often covered with icing sugar. This heavenly cake can be found in every confectionery.

The traditional Kremes recipe is dating back to the end of the 16th century. The initial recipe did not resemble the known Kremes recipe. Since the 1930s the recipe did not change much. Dr. Oetker published similar recipes in 1935, where the cream was made with vanilla pudding instead of flour: Creampie or Cream Slice. Pudding became very popular, however, the original Kremes recipe is made with flour.

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