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Hungarian Sweets- Mákos Guba – Poppy Seed Bread Pudding

Mákos Guba (pronounced mah kosh goo-bah) is a popular dessert in Hungary, and often can be found in the Budapest Market Halls in wintertime. Originally it was a Christmas dessert in the Central European region (Poland: Makówki, German: Mohnpielen), and in the last decades, it became an everyday food item that you can find in many restaurants.

Hungarians’ love of consuming poppy seeds in quantities that would be considered bordering on the illegal in some other countries… but the delicious taste of poppy seeds is nicely offset by the lightness and sweetness of the vanilla milk and honey.

The traditional recipe is made with home-baked raised dough, but nowadays it is made of day-old semi-sweet rolls called “kifli”. Kifli is a crescent-shaped Hungarian pastry. You can find it in almost every bakery or grocery store. The kiflis are sliced, baked for 8-10 minutes, and soaked in the vanilla sauce, mixed with grounded and sweetened poppy seeds.

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