German Days in the Great Market Hall Budapest

Join us for a tasty afternoon break at the German Days in the Great Market Hall Budapest to learn more about Germany and try the best German meals.

Market in Germany photo by Tim McLaughlin
Market in Germany photo by Tim McLaughlin

Everyone knows something related to Germany, it can be history, beer, or the car you drive, so let’s explore the market as well and dive into the tastes of Germany.

German Sausages, Hams, Salamis, Cheeses, biscuits, sweets and much more are available to taste and purchase them during the German National Days in the Great Market Hall.


German Wurst photo by Chen Wu
German Wurst photo by Chen Wu

German Music, Dance groups, Choruses and Tourist Information are waiting for you along with German beverages and meals, like Pretzel, Bratwurst, Spätzle (cheesy noodles), Schnitzel, and Leberkäse (German-style meat loaf) in Budapest’s biggest Market Hall aka Nagycsarnok. You can feel the ‘Octoberfest’ Atmosphere with cold drinks, tasty meals, and music, so it’s 100% fun.


Germany produces a lot of world-famous sweets like Hanuta, Ritter Sport, Kinder Chocolate or Haribo, so you can seduce your taste buds with some sweets or surprise someone with a tasty gift.


Neuschwanstein photo by Eric Bauer
Neuschwanstein photo by Eric Bauer

In addition, the German Tourist Days will be held in Budapest Great Market Hall where you can get some inspiration for your German holiday. Germany has numerous amazing destinations, like Munchen, Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne etc., amazing castles like Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenzollern Castle or the Heidelberg Castle, beautiful lakes like Bodensee, Chiemsee or Tegernsee. We can help you plan the perfect family, romantic or active holiday with the best activities like mountain climbing, cycling, skiing or you can explore historical places or ancient ruins.
The “Wine Street” can be a good choice for a romantic weekend, you can follow the river along the hills, villages, and wineries and taste some of the best Rieslings of the region.


Venue of the Market Event

Great Market Hall (aka Central Market Hall or Nagycsarnok)

Address: 1-3 Vamhaz korut Street, Budapest, District IX.

Dates of the Market Event

Dates of the German National Days in Budapest:

Not scheduled for 2018

This weekend in Budapest the Market Hall will feature the German culture, the German foods (the famous sausages, beverages, etc.) and you can surely buy some little souvenirs or artisan crafts from Germany too.

Octoberfest photo by 46137
Octoberfest photo by 46137

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