Maltese Days at Great Market Hall Budapest

Malta in Budapest? No, we have not messed up the maps. But Malta is visiting Budapest, right in the Great Market Hall (Nagycsarnok) by the river Danube.

St Johns Co Cathedral Knights of Malta Fabio Gismondi
St Johns Co Cathedral Knights of Malta Fabio Gismondi

Is there anything you wanted to buy in Malta but had no chance? Or is Malta on your list of to do but have not made it to this beautiful island yet? Come to Fovam Square by the Liberty Bridge to take a look at Maltese ware, try Maltese cuisine and buy some Maltese souvenirs, which make great gifts. Some great products may be on sale in the Market Hall, like hand blown glassware, hand knitted Maltese style garments, filligree silver jewelry, wicker work, Malta model buses, laces, and more.

Cliff Jumping Malta Attractions Jon Rawlinson
Cliff Jumping Malta Attractions Jon Rawlinson

Malta may be one of the smallest countries in Europe with its half a million population, but the country has a rich cultural heritage and a long history. On the Maltese Days in Budapest, you can get some tips about the best sights in Malta, like Valletta (UNESCO World Heritage site), the medieval jewel of Malta known as Mdina, the smaller island of Gozo with its rural attractions, diving in the sea, and the Blue Lagoon, joining some feasts in the villages of Malta on religious public holidays, etc.

Venue of the Market Event

Great Market Hall (aka Central Market Hall or Nagycsarnok)

Address: 1-3 Vamhaz korut Street, Budapest, District IX.

Dates of the Market Event

Dates of the Maltese Days in Budapest:

  • Not scheduled for 2018
Sunday market in Malta Simon Shepard
Sunday market in Malta Simon Shepard

During the Maltese Cultural Days in the Vasarcsarnok, the Maltese Tourist Days will also be held in Budapest Great Market Hall. You can learn about the major cities, tours, their culture, events, the best travel tips in Malta, top ten things to do, off the beaten track attractions, hidden gems, rural destinations, etc.

You may even have a chance to buy some Maltese souvenirs to take home as small gifts from Hungary without packing too many things in your suitcase, maybe not the brass doorknob, but laces.

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